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2023 is coming to an end… and YES. The enormous community of adult content creators is willing to know which will be the best ways to promote their OnlyFans in the next year 2024. It will certainly be a new chapter for creators seeking to elevate their presence on social media platforms with the only goal of getting more subscribers on their OnlyFans. 

As the demand for personalized and engaging content continues to rise, the strategies to effectively promote an OnlyFans account have never been more crucial. We can assure you that this is the most updated guide you will find, full of ways creators can take advantage of digital tools to enhance their visibility, connect with their audience, and ultimately thrive in the competitive world of adult content creation. 

From emerging social media trends to cutting-edge promotion platforms, this guide will show you the best OnlyFans promotions to get started in 2024.


  • NSFW content-friendly: ✅
  • Link OnlyFans in bio: ✅
  • Mention OnlyFans in captions, titles: ✅


X (ex Twitter) comes with both advantages and drawbacks. One of the notable advantages is the potential for a wider reach and increased visibility for new people constantly. X allows creators to connect with an unknown diverse audience, tapping into a user base that actively seeks adult content.

The platform’s algorithms and features may also facilitate content discovery, aiding creators in attracting new subscribers. Additionally, X often provides robust privacy settings, allowing creators to control the visibility of their posts and engage with fans more intimately.


On the flip side, even thought X is NSFW friendly, we have seen lately some problems in a small portion of creators related to content restrictions and community guidelines. Is not about the nudity itself, but if X sees some suspicious behaviour in your account, like connecting from different country IP’s all the time, it might be an alert to censor your NSFW content later too. Creators might encounter challenges with censorship, shadow banning, or account suspension due to this platform’s policies.

Furthermore, the nature of adult content promotion on mainstream social media platforms may elicit negative reactions from some users that are “OnlyFans haters” and potentially impact the creator’s overall online presence. Balancing the benefits of increased exposure with the potential risks of content restrictions and community backlash is crucial for OnlyFans creators. Yes… there is a niche of those kind of hater people… 😤


Be Original

Think outside the box… in addition to filling your profile with pictures of your boobs/ass, try to get people’s attention by leaving random comments on trending topics with a sexy profile picture. Users will stalk your profile without even having to ask.

For example: on a thread about animal rights, you can comment “I just lost my kitty… I miss her so much 😭”. This comment is so ridiculous that many users will comment on it and click on your profile picture to discover your OnlyFans on your profile. We call this “Anti-marketing” 😉 .

Keep it +18

Mark your X profile as sensitive to keep your content away from the under-18 audience.

Go to ‘Settings,’ > ‘Privacy and Safety,’ > ‘Your Posts’ and check the box: ‘Mark media you post as having material it might be sensitive’. When enabled, pictures and videos you post will be marked as sensitive for people who don’t want to see sensitive content.

2024 X’s hashtags to use

#onlyfanscreator #onlyfansdotcom #mustangonlyfans #onlyfanselite  #onlyfansphotographer #onlyfansrecruiter #onlyfansgirlstwerking #onlyfansmilf #followmeononlyfans #uncensoredonlyfans #onlyfanscreators #checkoutmyonlyfans #onlyfansinbio #guysofonlyfans #uncensoredononlyfans #seemoreononlyfans #onlyfansretreats #onlyfansstoner #onlyfansparty #onlyfanswinner #onlyfansreal #onlyfansnsfw #onlyfansshoutouts #onlyfanscanappreciate #onlyfansgetthis #mosqitoesaremyonlyfans #theonlyfansheallows #coldplaysonlyfans #whenwearetheonlyfans #onlyfansforthefam #theonlyfansforus #number1andonlyfans #onlyfanssamantharay #areyouanonlyfans #hottwinsononlyfans #onlyfanscomingsoon #onlyfansspotlight #onlyfansmodels #altgirlsofonlyfans


  • NSFW content-friendly: ❌
  • Link OnlyFans in bio: ❌
  • Mention OnlyFans in captions, titles: ❌
  • Use platforms like allMyLinks/linkTree/ in your bio, engage in shoutouts, and leverage Instagram’s traffic. ✅ 


Instagram has the power to make viral anything that is VISUALLY attractive. So here the use of high-quality images and engaging captions can help you attract the right audience and redirect them to your OnlyFans profile. If you work on your content as an influencer, then you might be used to making your videos “catchy” and appealing. That’s perfect for this social media platform.

However, since the reels have become the type of content that gives the most exposure, many creators have focused on creating exclusively reels for Instagram and photos for OnlyFans only. You can recycle your reels and repost them on your TikTok accounts too.

Instagram Stories are the perfect tool for teasing short videos in lingerie, and you can put your link there. We have seen many girls that put their OnlyFans links directly as stickers in their stories but we always recommend using a third-party linked platform, like Linktree or Beacons. Also, you can get statistics from these pages to know how many users are clicking and from which social platform.


The strict content guidelines of Instagram pose a significant challenge for NSFW creators. The risk of account suspension or content removal due to violations of community standards is a constant concern. Navigating Instagram’s restrictions requires careful content moderation and adherence to guidelines, limiting the explicitness of the content shared. In our opinion, Instagram must not be taken as a platform to show explicit stuff under any circumstance. But… you can tease AND MAKE YOUR ONLYFANS PERSONA LOOK REAL. Share cute and sexy pics of your daily life without being explicit.

A good strategy is to have a public profile full of 100% SFW catchy reels that can attract new users easily. And on that profile’s bio connect a second private Instagram profile, where you will share your OnlyFans link through a third-party link and put fewer photos, more intimate but still not explicit. That way you create a bridge and can control how much of all the audience that reaches your public profile is interested in seeing more of you.


Learn to be catchy

Instagram is one of the most competitive platforms where to promote your OnlyFans. This means you need to be as much professional as you can with the reels you create. Studies say that most of the users decide if stay or scroll a reel in less than 1.2 seconds. 

So, you gotta convince and shock the viewer to stay in that tiny time. Use bright colors, dynamically introduce the first images, and, most importantly, make a script that can retain attention. We say ‘script’ but it can be referring to a just 5-second dancing video. It doesn’t matter, just focus on creating enough curiosity in the user’s mind to redirect them to your profile… and then to the secret link 😉

Stay tuned, be trendy

Instagram has copied a lot of the behavior that TikTok has. We can see this in options like “reuse audios” from other reels and the “shared trends” that the creators make on both platforms. When you reuse trendy audio, your reel appears in the audio library with the rest of the reels that also use that audio. That’s perfect for getting more views because now your reel is discoverable in the “Discover Page” of other users who might not even know you. This means… more possibilities to get new subscribers.

So, try to always stay tuned about what are other OnlyFans creators doing and the trends you should be following on your reels. Follow similar creators to help the algorithm show your profile to people who might be interested in profiles similar to yours.

2024 INSTAGRAM’s hashtags to use

#sexy #model #lingerie #follow #love #of #like #instagood #beautiful #fitness #hot #cute #photography #bbw #gay #tiktok #girl #linkinbio #explorepage #subscribe #followme #hotgirl #onlyfanz #selfie #instagram #feet #beauty 


  • NSFW content-friendly: ❌
  • Link OnlyFans in bio: ❌
  • Mention OnlyFans in captions, titles: ❌
  • Is the most easy platform to go viral ✅ 


TikTok‘s algorithm-driven nature can rapidly amplify content and attract a vast audience. Is not only about the short-form videos and trends that can be super catchy to redirect viewers to your OnlyFans profile, but if not is about how fast TikTok relates the correct audience to the content they are truly interested in. The platform’s emphasis on creativity makes NSFW creators have to always look for new ways to develop engaging and shareable content that can quickly go viral. The good part is that the copy-cat behavior here is a booster in your profile. Copying the videos that you can see that other creators are already using and that do work is the easiest way to go viral.


The major drawback lies in TikTok’s strict content policies. Explicit adult content is explicitly prohibited, and violations can lead to account suspension or removal. Or… which is worse: a shadowban!!! This means you can upload content but TikTok won’t show it to anyone in the “For You” discover page.

The problem with TikTok is that the younger demographic predominant on TikTok does not align with the target audience for NSFW content, so the tolerance that TikTok has for NSFW content is super low. The challenge for OnlyFans creators lies in creating content that is alluring yet adheres to TikTok’s content restrictions.


Make a ‘niche-based’ strategy

As you cannot make “adult-related content”, try to find the perfect niche you are looking for with secondary interests that that audience may have and also resonates in your OnlyFans persona. For example: if you are an OnlyFans content creator in the niche of gym and sports, then make your content based on that and slightly show sexy details as a plus. This way, the algorithm will understand your profile is related to sports (not adult stuff) and will show it to people who might like sports too… get the idea?

Take advantage of the lives

Lives on TikTok have become a revolutionary tool for OnlyFans creators because is like a small version of what Twitch does (but the streams are much shorter). You can dress sexy and just sit there in front of the camera and talk about random stuff and people who likes you will not only check out your profile but also they can give you virtual gifts that you can exchange for real money.

Tip: if you are in the Gamer/Anime niche, you can do the lives in a cosplay costume. Google “NPC lives” and you will also see how people pay rent with these. But that’s another story…  😅


You cannot use ANY KIND of OnlyFans-related hashtags. And you cannot link ANY KIND of third-party links too… they are super strict. So, what you will have to do is connect your TikTok to your Instagram, and repeat the steps we said before to connect your Instagram to your OnlyFans account.


  • NSFW content-friendly:  
  • Link OnlyFans in bio:  
  • Mention OnlyFans in captions, titles:  


ModelSearcher was thought for adult content creators, so the absence of any kind of banning or censorship is what stands out the most. Unlike traditional social media platforms, ModelSearcher is specifically designed for the adult industry, providing a censorship-free environment where creators can freely share both Safe for Work (SFW) and Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content without fear of censorship. The platform’s standout feature, the “Search Section,” facilitates meaningful connections by allowing users to discover creators based on interests, keywords, or location.

Creators have full control over their profiles, uploading content that is 100% genuine and produced by them and the platform is also very committed to privacy, as ModelSearcher takes a strong stance against content theft, ensuring that all content on the platform is the rightful property of the creators.

As many of the social media platforms we talked about, it is not meant to be a monetization platform, as it serves as a traffic-driving platform, directing users to creators’ profiles on platforms like OnlyFans (and LoyalFans, ManyVids, FanCentro, etc) where they do can monetize their content. The platform operates as a free promotional space without hidden fees, providing creators with increased visibility and the potential to grow their subscriber count.


Although the platform is quite new (it was launched in 2023), it already has a lot of users both on the side of creators and users looking for OnlyFans profiles. This means that you have to compete to appear at the top of the Discovery page. Here you really score bonus points if you are good with hashtags and tags and know how to sell your profile in a nutshell so that it stands out from all the other profiles a user might find.

Also, the algorithm is based on one and only one rule: The more content you upload, the better you rank. So if you’re not a creator with consistency and a lot of content, you’re going to have to train those skills to get the best out of this platform.



Take time to study the characteristics your OnlyFans profile has so you can easily describe it in hashtags and keywords. This platform is the one with the most quantity of organic traffic in the industry but is useless if you don’t know how to redirect that traffic to your profile. You have to know how your type of OnlyFans persona is presented in the adult industry and sell your content correctly (is it MILF? is it CUTE? is it BDSM?).


The more content you upload, the better potitioned you get. How much is too much? No limit, but take as a reference that you should have your profile started with more than 50 videos and 50 photos… and from that on, post DAILY, no holidays, 3 or 4 times a day, a couple of photos, and some videos. Try to always mix SFW and NSFW so you can test and study which kind of content works best. The best times are usually at night time-based in the USA.


As we said, the platform was made for this, so you won’t find any problem including directly your OnlyFans link to your profile. When you create it for the first time you will see the page gives you the slots where to put the links and then the one-click buttons will appear in your profile.


X, being NSFW content-friendly, offers a potential for a wider reach and increased visibility. Creators can connect with a diverse audience actively seeking adult content, and the platform’s algorithms facilitate content discovery. Robust privacy settings allow creators control over post visibility, enhancing engagement with fans.

Despite X being NSFW-friendly, challenges include content restrictions and community guidelines. Suspicious behavior, such as connecting from different country IPs, may trigger censorship, shadow banning, or account suspension. Additionally, the promotion of adult content on mainstream platforms like X may attract negative reactions from users, impacting the creator’s online presence.

Instagram’s visual appeal makes it suitable for creators to showcase high-quality images with engaging captions. Instagram Stories, particularly with third-party linked platforms like Linktree or Beacons, are effective for teasing short videos in lingerie. Creators are advised to maintain a public profile with SFW content and connect a private Instagram profile for more intimate but non-explicit content, creating a bridge for interested followers., designed for adult content creators, stands out with its censorship-free environment and the “Search Section” for meaningful connections. Creators have full control over their profiles, and the platform strongly opposes content theft. While it is not a direct monetization platform, it serves as a traffic-driving space. Creators should be aware of competition for visibility on the Discovery page, utilize hashtags effectively, and maintain consistency by uploading a substantial amount of content regularly.

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