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Promote Your OnlyFans with ModelSearcher: The Ultimate Guide

What’s better than a site that allows you to promote your OnlyFans for free? ModelSearcher is the new platform for adult content creators. On this site you simply create an account, upload your photos, videos or post polls and captions, and the site will rank you according to the amount of material you upload. That way, users searching for profiles similar to yours will find you first in the search results. The MORE CONTENT you upload, the BETTER POSITIONED in the ranking you will be. This translates into… more subscriptions and more money!

Can I sell my content on

ModelSearcher is not intended for that. It is much better: This platform helps you to promote your OnlyFans links or any other platform where you sell your content, but that’s all it is. A promotion page and redirection to your profile. So use wisely the content you upload to seduce potential subscribers and then redirect them to your OnlyFans profile where you will obviously sell them your content both in the Feed and via DM.

Why should I choose

The most innovative thing about this platform is that it fills the gap that OnlyFans lacks in terms of a discovery feed. As you know, it is impossible to search for other profiles on OnlyFans without knowing their usernames. The platform, unlike the method used by Instagram or Facebook, does not offer you other profiles that might interest you, and that, both for subscribers and creators, is a problem because it makes it difficult to discover profiles.

ModelSearcher bases all its technology on a huge network of data for positioning and search optimisation. You will see that when you create your profile you will have hundreds of options for tagging and describing your profile to match as closely as possible everything you have to offer as a content creator. This way, the more “keywords” or “tags” your profile has, the more you will appear in the searches of new users.

Example: If a user opens Google and enters “OnlyFans of a blonde girl who does yoga” because maybe that’s what they are interested in, and you have done a good preparation of your profile including the tags “blonde” and “yoga”, then you will appear in their search results. And since we also work with top-quality traffic, we assure you that the results are usually very well positioned.

The best SEO optimization with CreatorTraffic

How can I make my profile stand out on ModelSearcher?

In the world of content positioning, there are two key elements: quantity and quality.

This could apply to any market if we are honest. But the important thing to understand about the data system that ModelSearcher manages is that the MORE content you upload, the HIGHER the system will rank your profile and the HIGHER you will appear in searches.

However, quality is not something minor, because if you upload a lot of content but it is not attractive, the quantity will not help you. Even if you are well positioned, subscribers will enter your profile and will not subscribe because they don’t like what they see.

What exactly do we mean when we talk about quality? Well, the quality of the image, is that it is not pixelated or blurred. The content should be varied, not only photos, but also photos and videos, and posts, and surveys. And above all, that it is true to what you are offering. If you are presenting your profile with the tags “BDSM” but in the photos, it looks like you are a “CUTE KAWAII” girl, then you are attracting the wrong audience. This will only lead to people coming to your profile but not subscribing because you are not what they are looking for.

GOLDEN RULE then: The MORE CONTENT you upload, the BETTER you will rank.

And the MORE QUALITY your content has, THE MORE IT WILL STAND OUT from other similar profiles and the more subscribers you will get.

Which kind of content can I upload?

You can upload polls, videos or photos. Everything can be both safe for work or not safe for work. We recommend you to upload some of each. Always keep in mind that you are teasing and seducing potential subscribers. And of course, don’t forget to put your links where you want users to be redirected. You can use both, free or paid profile links.

How can I access to

As the ModelSearcher platform is from the same creators of CreatorTraffic, as a creator you can access your profile from the same page of

Once inside, click on “Sign up” if you don’t have an account, or on “Log In” if you have already created one.

The easy thing about this is that through the same link you can access both your ModerSearcher profile to promote your OnlyFans for free, and your CreatorTraffic advertising campaigns profile to manage your ads in all OnlyFans search engines on the web.

If you want to know more about CreatorTraffic and how to get traffic to your profile through ad campaigns, you can read a complete guide here, or you can go directly to the CreatorTraffic website.

modelsearcher: HOW TO GET 200 EUR BONUS FOR FREE

As a welcome bonus, ModelSearcher will PAY YOU for your first posts on ModelSearcher. You can earn up to 200 EUR*. This promotion is limited until October 31st, 2023. Sign up with ModelSearcher now – and start posting and caching in the bonus today.

What to do to get the BONUS:

– Claim your profile and write a UNIQUE BIO (not the one you use on OnlyFans and min. 300 characters) and create 20 posts, each has to have at least one picture or one video -> You get a 50 EUR bonus*
– Create 25 more posts with at least one picture or one video (can be SFW or NSFW) and you will earn another 50 EUR bonus*
– Create 25 more posts with at least one picture or one video (can be SFW or NSFW) and you will earn another 50 EUR bonus*
– Create 25 more posts with at least one picture or one video (can be SFW or NSFW) and you will earn another 50 EUR bonus*

Total of 200 EUR Bonus*
At least 30% of the pics and vids need to be SFW and 30% need to be NSFW; Videos need to be at least 15 seconds long.

The bonus is just the icing on the cake – the value that you will get MORE organic clicks to your OnlyFans account is HUGE, as you get fans & subscribers for FREE!

Also, by signing up with CreatorTraffic you can maintain your creator profile for and get fans and subscribers with the same account.

* In order to receive the bonus you need to write an email to with the subject “Claiming ModelSearcher Bonus” and list the posts you claim the bonus for. The Bonus will be credited to your CreatorTraffic Ads-account and you can use the credits for buying paid ads on The bonus can not be paid out in cash. The maximum bonus you can reach with this promotion is 200 EUR. This promotion is limited for posts you created until October 31st, 2023.

What is better than earning a 200 EUR Bonus? Up to 5.000 EUR Referral Bonus!

You can earn a 50 EUR Referral Bonus* for EACH Creator you successfully refer to us.

If you send us one successful Creator, you earn 50 EUR*; if you send 2, you make a 100 EUR Referral Bonus*; if you refer 10, you earn a 500 EUR Referral Bonus* … you get the concept.

The maximum for the Referral Bonus is 5,000 EUR*, in case you refer to 100 successful creators!! Wow, that’s a lot of Bonus! Start calling all your creator friends now! So what are the rules? The referred Creator has to reach the 200 EUR Welcome Bonus*, and then you are eligible for your 50 EUR Referral Bonus.

But there is one more thing: YOU NEED to email us and inform us about the referral BEFORE the referred Creator starts posting on ModelSearcher.

Email with the subject: “I, YOUR CreatorName, refer REFFERED CreatorName for the 50 EUR ModelSearcher-Referral Bonus”. E.g., “I, Anastasia123, refer Beatrix456 for the 50 EUR ModelSearcher-Referral Bonus.”

Is it time now to talk to all your friends who are also Onlyfans creators and make them and you some money? We think so, too!

But hurry up; both bonus programs are only valid until October 31st, 2023!

* All the rules for the Referral Bonus in a nutshell: To receive the Bonus, you need to

– Write an email to before the referred Creator starts posting, with the subject line “I, YOUR CreatorName, refer REFFERED CreatorName for the 50 EUR ModelSearcher-Referral Bonus”.

– The referred Creator has to fulfil all rules and reach all goals to earn their 200 EUR Modelsearcher Bonus (not only 50 EUR, 100 EUR, and 150 EUR but a total of 200 EUR);

see here

– Once the referred creators reach their 200 EUR Bonus, you need to write us an email to claim your Bonus with the subject line I, YOUR CreatorName, CLAIM for the 50 EUR ModelSearcher-Referral Bonus for REFFERED CreatorName.”

– You can claim the Bonus for a maximum of 100 referred creators with a maximum total Referral Bonus of 5,000 EUR

The Bonus will be credited to your CreatorTraffic Ads account, and you can use the credits to buy paid ads on  The Bonus cannot be paid out in cash. This promotion is limited to referrals and posts created until October 31st, 2023.

What are the benefits I get with ModelSearcher?

Modelsearcher aims to help you showcase your outstanding pictures and videos to a wider audience of potential fans. When fans see more of your content, they are more inclined to subscribe to your Onlyfans account and engage in financial support. Think of Modelsearcher as your virtual storefront, enticing new subscribers to join your Onlyfans and become paying subscribers. The benefits are:

  • Get more fans and subscribers for your OnlyFans accounts – FOR FREE.
  • Maintain your creator profile to promote your profile and bio to new fans and subscribers
  • Share your daily life and content with new fans and subscribers to spark interest for your OnlyFans
  • Think of ModelSearcher as your daily diary that you share with potential new fans and subscribers
  • The more posts, pictures, and videos you upload, the HIGHER your profile will rank in organic search results – which results in MORE subscribers FOR FREE
  • You can share SFW and NSFW content
  • Fans and subscribers can not pay on ModelSearcher – we send them to your OnlyFans profile to do so!
  • Think of CreatorTraffic/ModelSearcher as a site where you can “tease” fans to subscribe to your OnlyFans account and spend money on your OnlyFans
  • Promote your Free Trial Links to a huge audience.

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