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OnlyFans Equipment – The Ultimate Guide

Props & Costumes

For keeping your content fresh – props & costumes are 2 of the biggest tools in your… erm…toolbox. 

Let’s look at some of the best types of props & costumes and some specific products too.

Paper Backdrops

Paper backdrops are big rolls of paper that you can put on a stand or wall behind you when shooting.

Paper backdrops can be plain, colored, or decorated, and they give a smooth, professional look to your content.

You don’t need to buy a stand for paper backdrops… you can hang paper backdrops at home quite easily or just attach them to a wall with painter’s tape.

Paper backdrop attached to a wall with tape

If you want the professional set-up, for about 50 bucks you can get a crossbar and tripod system from amazon which means you can easily switch paper backdrops at any time ⬇️



On your bed, surrounded by colorful pillows makes a great setting for recording intimate content.


Simple colorful wigs and different length wigs are a great way to switch up your look.


Lingerie is a simple way to switch up your look.


LED lighting can be used to create an intimate setting.

Or you can use LEDs as a backdrop to your content (like paper) ⬇️

Nipple clamps


Nipple clamps and other pieces of bondage/BDSM costumes might be just what your audience desires, depending on your niche.

Body Jewelry


Body jewelry is another great way to keep your content fresh & change up your look.




Grab sexy costumes from Amazon for a themed content shoot.

Body oil / Coconut oil


Want glowing skin on camera? This is how the pros do it ⬇️

For more tips on how to get glowing skin on camera read here

Makeup / Experimental Makeup


There are many resources on YouTube so that you can try out different makeup styles or get funky with experimental makeup.

Here are some great YT tutorials you can learn from ⬇️

No time to learn about makeup?

OK then use the makeup filters on the Airbrush app.

Other props to consider for ideas of what to post on OnlyFans:

  • Clothes
  • Mirror(s)
  • Contact lenses


Lighting & Equipment

You don’t need to break the bank here.

There is a starter kit for every budget and $100 can go a long way to improving your content quality and what you post on OnlyFans.


No, you don’t need an expensive DLSR camera.

A modern iPhone will do a damn good job.

And depending on your niche a lot of your fans may prefer when you use your phone because it gives a more amateur/girlfriend type of appearance.

If your niche is very glamorous – professional style shoots might be what you need.


The single biggest technical improvement anyone can make to their content starting out is to improve their lighting.

The more light you have the better your pictures and videos will look

Ever wondered how models are making those ultra-high-quality-looking shots? 

If you thought it because of some expensive camera equipment you were wrong.

99% of the time those amazing shots were made using a pretty cheap piece of lighting equipment called the ring light.

Ring lights are perfect for beginners.

But before buying you should consider what kind of camera you will use with the ring light and the size of the ring light itself – will it be for full-body shots, or just headshots mostly?

Rings Lights – 8 things to consider

1️⃣ Cost

You can get a quality ring light for under $100 on Amazon.

2️⃣ Height (Minimum and Maximum)

Most ring lights will come with an adjustable rod.

At the lowest setting, it would stand at around 10 inches.

Perfect for putting on a table.

Some rods can extend as to 4 feet high or more.

Usually, you want the light to be at your level, or a little higher.

So think about the angles you might shoot from, and where you could place the ring light, to work out the best one for you.

3️⃣ Size Matters

Wider lights produce softer lighting.

So a larger light is usually what you want for shooting videos.

The typical sizes on Amazon are 12, 14, and 18-inches,  all good options.

The 12-inch is best when you only want a headshot.

But if you have the budget and don’t mind the size then get an 18-inch ring light because this given the most flexibility and the most light

4️⃣ Material quality

It’s best not to purchase a super cheap ring light made out of plastic – it’s probably just gonna break within a few months.


5️⃣ Bulkiness

If you travel to shoots or shoot content on holidays, etc. Consider the size and weight of the ring light – since you’re going to want to have it when shooting content anywhere.

6️⃣ Accessories Required. 

Most ring lights sit on a tripod stand, some come with a wall mount.

It’s best to buy a ring light that comes with a lightweight tripod stand so that you don’t have to buy additional accessories.

7️⃣ Dimmable 

It’s best if you can adjust the brightness and dim of the light – because each photo or video you take has different brightness requirements and different natural/complementary lighting. 

8️⃣ Fluorescent Bulbs Vs LED Ring Lights

Fluorescent ring lights are old and suck. They often have a humming noise and overheat pretty fast too.

LEDs are the way to go.

Our Top Recommend Ring Light Under $50:

The Sensyne 10” LED Ring Light ⬇️

Price – $29

Specs & Features:

  •  10-inch outer diameter ring 
  •  10 brightness settings and 3 color temperatures (3000K, 4500K, 6000K) 
  •  Has capacitive buttons for brightness and color temperature 
  •  Tripod extends from 15.7 to 50 inches. 
  •  Phone Bluetooth remote control 

This is great value for the price.

Great tripod, adjustable brightness, and dim, combined with the included phone grip that can be adjusted to vertical and horizontal orientation.

This is one of the best budget ring lights.

Our Top Recommend Ring Light between $50 – $100:

The Emart 18-inch LED Ring Light with Stand ⬇️

Price – $77

Specs & Features:

  •  Bi-Color Temperature and Brightness Adjustment 
  •  Wireless Remote Control (control brightness etc remotely)
  •  Large 18” size 
  •  Tripod
  •  Rotatable
  • Comes with travel carry-case 

For a small step up in price you can get pretty damn professional.

This larger light comes with a physical remote control that can change the brightness and light temperature remotely – great for playing around with lighting!

Despite the big size the whole kit only weighs 9lbs and comes with a super convenient travel carry case.

Tripods (with remote capture)

After you’ve got some lighting sorted…

The next bit of equipment that can help with what to post on OnlyFans is a good tripod and remote trigger.

A small flexible tripod will make many shots convenient for you 

A small flexible tripod.

Holding the phone or camera with your hand will usually result in a lot of the otherwise amazing photos being blurry and not unusable.

The UBeesize Phone Tripod is a great little flexible tripod for a tiny price ⬇️

If you want a medium to large tripod this is the one we recommend ⬇️

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