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OnlyFans Campaign Tracking

What is marketing attribution?

“Marketing Attribution the way in which marketers assess the value or Return on Investment (ROI) of the channels that connect them to potential customers.”

That’s the traditional marketing definition.

In the world of OnlyFans:

1. it’s how your subscribers came to your OF profile page.
2. and whether or not they converted (became subscribers)

It’s super important in traditional marketing to know where your customers are coming from – paid ads? Google searches? email campaigns?

Marketers want to understand whether or not the $ they are spending on ads is a good investment.

How many people are clicking on links?

How many are converting into paying customers?

But it’s always been difficult (pretty much impossible actually…) to do good attribution for OnlyFans… until now (May 2022).

If you’d like to know the answer to questions like:

  • How many of your onlyfans profile views & subscribers are coming from that promo you bought?
  • How many are coming from that S4S group you spend loads of time on?
  • How many are coming from your Tiktok?
  • Your Reddit bio?
  • A specific Reddit subreddit?
  • A specific Reddit post?
  • Etc.

Now you can because of a new OnlyFans feature called “Campaigns“.



How do you use OnlyFans Campaigns for marketing attribution?

Whenever you want to track the effectiveness of a promo… for example:

  • your Reddit bio
  • a specific Reddit post
  • your Twitter bio
  • a specific Twitter post
  • a paid promo
  • etc

You just need to create a “campaign” to track that.

A “campaign” is just a unique link/URL that OnlyFans will generate for your campaign so you can track how many clicks it gets.

How do you create these campaign links?

It’s simple – in OnlyFans use the menu like this:

More -> Settings -> Subscription price and bundles -> Campaigns

how to create an onlyfans campaign

You can see that for each created campaign you get 2 bits of info:

onlyfans campaign info

Clicks count = how many people clicked on your campaign link

Subscribers count = how many people subscribed after clicking your campaign link

You should name your campaigns so that you understand them

Use names like: 

  • “FansMetrics promo campaign”
  • “Reddit bio”
  • etc

Don’t worry the name you give your campaign will not affect the generated link.

The links will always just have a number in them like this:

  • […]
  • etc.

Suggestions for trying out the campaign feature

Suggestion 1

Update your Reddit bio with a campaign link called “Reddit bio” and check out the performance data after 1-2 weeks. 

You’ll quickly see how valuable it is to understand this type of data (clicks and conversions).

Like you might find out that you get loads of views from Reddit but pretty much no one subscribes from Reddit.

Insights like that can help optimize where you spend your time and $.

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