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How to use Tinder to generate OnlyFans leads

OK, OK so there’s a moral question of whether it’s fair game to use Tinder (and other dating apps) to promote your OnlyFans.

Whatever your opinion – that’s FINE.

Now, our approach is to leave no stone unturned:

Our recommended approach to OnlyFans marketing.

We recommend using as MANY social media platforms as possible to funnel leads into your OnlyFans free & paid pages.

So Tinder is fair game in our book.

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Upload great photos

Capture attention with your main photo.

Make it super sexy, clear, bright, and attention-grabbing.

Your MAIN photo is key but you should upload another 2-3 good photos minimum.

Don’t mention OnlyFans on Tinder

shh... don't mention OnlyFans on Tinder

You WILL get banned if you talk about OnlyFans in your bio or even in the DMs. 

So, how do you get around this problem, you want OnlyFans subs right?

You promo another platform like Insta or Snapchat which most guys will have profiles on.

So include Insta or Snap details in your bio.

Tip: You can reply to DMs directly with your allmylinks/linktree etc. instead of Insta or Snap.

Have a killer bio

The main goal of this Tinder profile is to generate leads in your sleep.

Those leads manifest as new followers on Insta & Snapchat.

You want a short, simple bio that entices people to follow you on those platforms.

The last thing you want is for your account to look like a bot account… so make your bio & photos feel REAL.

Example bios:

  1. “Quarantine and chill? 😏 add me on IG @yourInstaHandle”
  2. “Bored girl who likes to make you smile swipe right or add me on IG where I’m more active @yourInstaHandle”
  3. “Where are all the real men gone?  IG @yourInstaHandle”

Tip: Eg. of how to move leads through your process:

Tinder -> Insta -> {{welcome_message_to_all_new_followers}}

Customize the process for whatever platform in the middle works best for you, maybe it’s:
Tinder -> Snap -> DM

That’s it, if you got value out of this article please share this method with your fellow online models.

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