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The 19 Best Ways to Promote Your OnlyFans (2023)

If you want to know about how to promote OnlyFans then you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we list over 19 different places that you can promote your OnlyFans page to.


  • Social media
  • OnlyFans search sites
  • adult tube & cam sites
  • shoutouts
  • and even dating sites

We list all the ways how to promote OnlyFans.

Social Media – how to promote onlyfans

social media platforms

Social media is the first place you should think about promoting your OnlyFans.

The general idea is that you want to get popular/viral on social media and then drive some of that traffic to OnlyFans.

social media sales funnel

Social media is the top of an OnlyFans sales funnel – this is where you get people aware of you and attract as many eyeballs as possible

To learn all about OnlyFans sales funnels download our free guide👇

How Top Models Structure Their Sales Funnels

🤔How do you convert social media viewers to OnlyFans followers?🤔

You need to have a link that either leads directly or indirectly to your OnlyFans.


Social Media -> *link* -> OnlyFans.

Depending on the social media that *link* may not link directly to OnlyFans.

On certain social media platforms, you will get banned for linking directly to OnlyFans.

So, in that case, your *link* would link to an OnlyFans creator-friendly platform like Twitter or a links site allmylinks/linktree/

E.g. Social Media -> Twitter link -> OnlyFans

the best and worst social media for OnlyFans promotion

Not all social media platforms are friendly to OnlyFans creators.

Read the overview section of each social media listed below to see whether the platform is OnlyFans creator-friendly. 

And whether or not or not you should link directly or indirectly to your OnlyFans in your bio of that social media

And don’t worry even on non OnlyFans creator-friendly platforms like Instagram and Tiktok you can still use these platforms to promote your OnlyFans.

You just gotta be more subtle about it.

Keep reading to find out how.

(1) Twitter


  • NSFW content-friendly? ✅
  • Can you link OnlyFans in bio? ✅
  • Can you mention OnlyFans in captions, titles? ✅

Twitter Do’s

  • ✅ Use 1-3 hashtags per post
  • ✅ Link your OnlyFans/allMyLinks in your bio 
  • ✅ Use the words OnlyFans and OnlyFans related hashtags 
  • ✅ Use hashtags related to your niche
  • ✅ Network with other OnlyFans models 
  • ✅ Like, comment, and engage with other OnlyFans models 
  • ✅ Participate in engagement threads (S4S, Retweet for Retweet, etc.)


Twitter don’ts

  • ❌ Never use more than 3 hashtags 
  • ❌ Don’t post your best content. The goal of your Twitter account is to drive traffic to your FREE OnlyFans page
  • ❌ Don’t post fully nude content (it’s technically allowed… but we don’t recommend)

For more detailed info on Twitter read here.

(2) Reddit


  • NSFW content-friendly? ✅
  • Can you link OnlyFans in bio? ✅
  • Can you mention OnlyFans in captions, titles? ✅

Keep in mind that rules vary from subreddit to subreddit but the above is generally true.

Reddit Do’s

  • ✅ Find subreddits related to your niche 
  • ✅ Read those subreddits rules 
  • ✅ Obey the rules to avoid being banned 
  • ✅ Link your OF page (Reddit is SW friendly, they will NOT shadowban you for this) in your profile ‘About’ section or a Profile pinned post 
  • ✅ Reply to comments but not DMs
  • ✅ Post to non-adult and popular subreddits too – these are great sources of traffic because people will check your post history and this also makes your account look more natural and less spammy

Reddit Dont’s

  • ❌ Don’t post OF links next to your pictures/videos 
  • ❌ Don’t break individual subreddit rules… you’ll get banned 
  • ❌ Don’t respond to 99% of DMs – timewasters

For a more detailed guide on Reddit download our free Reddit guide.


(3) Tiktok


  • NSFW content-friendly? ❌
  • Can your OnlyFans link in bio? ❌
  • Can you mention OnlyFans in captions, titles? ❌

Tiktok Do’s

  • ✅ Post consistently  
  • ✅ Use viral sounds and make suggestive type videos using them
  • Try not to get banned
  • ✅ Show either cleavage or legs – but not both. (Both = risk of being banned)
  • ✅ Copy popular creators in your niche

Tiktok Dont’s

  • ❌ Don’t post any nudity or anything too sexy
  • ❌ Do not show underwear
  • ❌ Don’t mention “OnlyFans” anywhere

How to move TikTok Followers to OnlyFans Safley?
The safe way to move TikTok fans to OnlyFans

(4) Snapchat


  • NSFW content-friendly? ❌
  • Can you link OnlyFans in bio? ❌
  • Can you mention OnlyFans in captions, titles? ❌
  • Can you mention OnlyFans in DMs? ✅

Snapchat can be used as part of a sales funnel.


Imagine most of your subs come from tinder, but tinder will ban you for saying onlyfans.

So you can safely put your Snapchat in your tinder bio and then add everyone who adds your snap to a private story where you post your promotion pics from Reddit and Twitter and then send your OnlyFans link when they DM you.

Snapchat Do’s

  • ✅ Use as part of a sales funnel
  • ✅ Add people to private stories
  • ✅ Do DM people your OnlyFans link
  • ✅If you offer sexting as a service snap is good for with live pics and vids

Snapchat Dont’s

  • ❌ Post about OnlyFans
  • ❌ Post nudity outside DMs

To learn more tips like this about OnlyFans sales funnels…

Download our free guid👇

How Top Models Structure Their Sales Funnels

(5) Instagram

Instagram Overview

  • NSFW content-friendly? ❌
  • Can you link OnlyFans in bio? ❌
  • Can you mention OnlyFans in captions, titles? ❌
  • Can you mention OnlyFans in DMs? ✅

Instagram Do’s

  • ✅ Use allMyLinks/linkTree/ in your bio 
  • ✅ Set your page to public 
  • ✅ Post stories & regular content often…! 
  • ✅ Shoutout for Shoutout 
  • ✅ Use hashtags
  • ✅ Before using any tags on Instagram, search them yourself to see they are shadowbanned

Instagram Dont’s

  • ❌ Don’t use sexually explicit language anywhere 
  • ❌ Don’t post ANY sexually explicit content 
  • ❌ Don’t use sexually explicit hashtags

For more detailed info on Instagram read here.

OnlyFans search sites – how to promote onlyfans


The OnlyFans platform itself does not really have a good search feature. 

It’s pretty limited and does not let you filter or search by niche/body type and so on.

So it’s really hard for potential subs to find you organically on OnlyFans – they can’t just type “big booty creators” into a search bar and get results.

That’s why loads of third-party websites have been created to help potential subs find the type of content creators that they’re looking for.

Some of them allow “ads” to be purchased by creators.


These sites have a lot of traffic of guys who are looking for the right profiles to subscribe to.

This means that for a fee you can get yourself to the top of the search results and get guaranteed traffic to your page.

This works just like the ads you see at the top of a Google search result:

Adult Tube Sites

adult tube sites
Adult tube sites are where guys (and gals) are going to watch 99% of their porn. 

There is an insane amount of traffic on these sites, most of that traffic is only looking for freebies – true, but that 1% that’s willing to pay for content is still a huge number.

1% of 100’s of millions is a lot! 😉

A lot of these tube sites have social media-like functionality so that you can create your own profile and add links to your OnlyFans and other socials.

(7) Manyvids

Manyvids has its own organic traffic so can bring your traffic and sales.

Can post videos to be paid for individually

You can link to your other socials.

(8) Pornhub community

pornhub logo
Pornhub has its own organic traffic so it can bring you traffic and eyeballs.

You can post clips/teaser content there and say to go to your OnlyFans for the full video.

Or you can post full / longer videos too.

You can link your OnlyFans in your profile.

Adult Cam Sites – how to promote onlyfans

adult cam sites
If you’re comfortable getting in front of a live camera then adult cam sites have the potential to get you loads of ONlyFans subs.

These cam sites have their own organic traffic so it’s your job to get traffic into your room by doing something exciting/interesting and then keeping people entertained.

Of course, your goal should be to move some of those people to your OnlyFans.

(9) Chaturbate


One of the OG cam sites. Chaturbate has tons of traffic.

Once you start broadcasting you need to find ways to get viewers engaged, commenting, and tipping.

You should have some mechanism or offer to entice them to move to OnlyFans.

(10) MyFreeCams (MFC)


Another OG cam site that has loads of traffic and is pretty similar to Chaturbate.

Dating apps – how to promote onlyfans

dating apps

Some people think that it’s not nice to use dating apps to promote your OnlyFans (even if it’s just secretly in the DMs) – but hey that’s up to you.

Personally, we believe in getting the bag and worrying about other things later.

(11) Tinder


  • NSFW content-friendly? ❌
  • Can you link OnlyFans in bio? ❌
  • Can you mention OnlyFans in captions, titles? ❌
  • Can you mention OnlyFans in captions, titles? ✅&❌ you can but you might get reported and banned

You need to be a bit sneaky in the way you use Tinder to avoid being banned.

You might consider moving your Tinder matches to SnapChat and from there adding them to a private story and linking OnlyFans in the DMs.

Read the full Tinder guide here.

(12) Seeking arrangement
Seeking arrangement

  • NSFW content-friendly?  ❌
  • Can you link OnlyFans in bio?  ❌
  • Can you mention OnlyFans in captions, titles? ❌
  • Can you mention OnlyFans in captions, titles? ✅❌ you can but you might get reported and banned

Use just link Tinder – you have to be subtle and not link OnlyFans directly in bio or anything obvious like that.

Some other dating apps to consider

  • Hinge
  • Happn
  • Bubble
  • OK Cupid

Shoutouts/cross-promotions – how to promote OnlyFans

A Shoutout is when someone mentions you and your page on their OnlyFans and asks their followers to check out your page, and you do the same for them in return.

This way you both benefit from more exposure to each other’s followers.

Doing S4S with pages in the same niche as you is key – because they have followers who are likely to be interested in your content too if you’re in the same niche as each other.

For example, if you are in the BBW niche, you should do S4S with other BBW models as their followers will probably like your BBW content too.

(13) OnlyFans shoutouts

The OnlyFans platform itself is one of the best traffic sources because OnlyFans already has a large audience of paying customers… you just need to get them to look at YOUR page. 

Engaging in OnlyFans S4S (Shoutout for Shoutout) is the best way to gain exposure FAST on the OnlyFans platform.

(14) Instagram shoutouts

Instagram has a bunch of traffic so shoutouts/cross promotions here are potentially very effective.

Try to shout out with creators in your niche.

(15) Twitter shoutouts

Twitter has a bunch of traffic so shoutouts/cross promotions here are potentially very effective.

Try to shoutout to creators in your niche.

OnlyFans – how to promote onlyfans

Like we already said, OnlyFans is a great platform for getting new users because there are already millions of paying customers familiar with OnlyFans on there.

So you just need to get your profile in front of some of those eyeballs.

And even better if you get your profile in front of eyeballs that you know are into your type of niche and content.

(16) Shoutouts

You can purchase shoutouts from other OnlyFans creators (only pay for shoutouts from larger accounts than yours).

Or you can engage in S4S with other creators ideally in your niche.

Reach out to other creators with a similar following to you on OnlyFans, Twitter, Reddit, etc., and ask for a S4S.

(17) Following new users

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a tool that automatically got you new OnlyFans subscribers automatically while you just sit back and focus on your content?

Oh, wait…

That tool already exists!

Learn about it 👇


Streaming sites (
non-adult) – how to promote OnlyFans

streaming sites

Streaming sites have their own organic traffic.

IF you can get people to watch your stream and have some way to let them know about your OnlyFans without getting banned?

(18) Twitch

Twitch is a streaming site for video gamers.

You want to stream yourself (most important) plating some game.

Make sure that you can the game are both being streamed.

After that, you need some mechanism to move people to your OnlyFans.

That might be just having your Instagram in your Twitch bio.

And your Instagram has an allmylinks with a link to your OnlyFans.

You kinda want people finding your OnlyFans to feel “organic’ and “natural” sometimes.

(19) Youtube

youtube logo

We all know what youtube is.

And just like Twitch, you need a sneaky way for your subscribers to find your OnlyFans.

If there is no way for people to find your OnlyFans t doesn’t matter how much traffic you get on YOuTube – it will not increase your OnlyFans subs.

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