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How to get started with CreatorTraffic?

If you wanna gain more organic subscribers for your OnlyFans account, you will have to learn how to get started with CreatorTraffic.

Our main goal is to get more users to find our profile easily so that we can gain subscribers and thus also earn more money. So, we must ensure the right people will see our profile. There are also very likely several profiles of girls similar to ours, so we must try to make ours stand out above any other to gain subscribers quickly.

This is precisely what CreatorTraffic will help us with. We will create the campaign with the amount we want, and CreatorTraffic will position us first in the searches so that our profile stands out more than any other. 

Of course, you can later check our detailed guide to Make Money on OnlyFans to get the best of your profile after promoting it 🙂


Let’s see how to do it:

First, go to and create an account (in case you don’t have one).

How do you get started in Creator Traffic

There you will have to add your OnlyFans profile (the URL of it) and a profile picture with a biography or description.

You can add as many profiles as you want if you have multiple profiles. (You can always add more of your OnlyFans profiles after registering).

Then we are going to create the advertising campaign. We will choose the profile that we want people to see when they search for specific related keywords, and it will be the first result they will see. People will see your profile picture and a short description next to it.  

Click on Create Campaign and choose the prize package you want. The price depends on the maximum number of clicks you will receive and the days your positioning will be in the first position.

A small window opens after clicking on “Add Creator Ad +.” Then you choose which profile you want to promote or the only profile you have, and you can also edit the description if you need to or change your profile picture.

Select your profile from the drop-down menu under “Profile.” It will load all the profile information and fill out almost all fields. While all the profile-related fields like URL and description are filled in, the Ad name field is empty. The Ad name will not be shown to the users; it is just a title for you to name your campaign.

Choose a fitting name for your Ad, review the fields, and make the necessary changes. Here you can use a different picture, change the description and use promotional links like a free trial link if you want to.

After changing the Advertisement to your liking, click on “Add.” The small window will be closed, and the page will bring you back to the package overview. At the bottom, you’ll see the Name of your Ad in the field “Created Ad” and, further down, the “Next” button.

Side Note: If you click on “Next” and have a low balance or no budget at all, the system will lead you to an info page showing you how to add funds. Finally, you have already created your first Campaign, and you can further edit it under “Campaigns.” The Campaign is automatically named after your chosen package and has the status “Draft.”

After clicking “Next,” you’ll get into the Campaign Details.

Add Your creatortraffic campaign details

Now let’s dig into your campaign’s details.

At the top, you have the number of Ads you have in this Campaign, the Clicks/CTR, the Impressions, and how much you spend on this campaign:

Ads: It is the number of active ads in your account.


Campaigns: It is the Number of active campaigns in your account.

Clicks: The number of clicks on an ad. After a click, the person will be redirected to the desired landing page, for example, your OnlyFans profile.

CTR (Click rate): The click-through rate (CTR) refers to the ratio of clicks on an ad to the total number of ad impressions displayed. The higher the click-through rate, the more interested users are in an ad. TIP: use this indicator to optimize the campaigns and ads.


Impression: An impression is counted every time your ad is served on CreatorTraffic ad networks, such as,, and other sites.

In conclusion: The more CreatorTraffic shows your ad, the more possibilities it has to be clicked by users. When a user clicks on it, he will be redirected to your OnlyFans profile.



On the one hand, if the ad you created is eye-catching, the Click Rate will be high because that means that people tend to click on the ad as soon as they see it in the CreatorTraffic network. On the other hand, if the Click Rate is low, consider changing the profile picture displayed on the ad or the description to make it more eye-catching.

Under the Stats, you can give your Campaign a fitting title, set a daily budget, change the CPC Bid, and add a date. Please note that only the Start Date is mandatory. Leaving out the End Date will let your campaign run as long as a budget is left.

Again, let’s clarify these new words you will see in the campaign details:

CPC bid: A bid that sets the amount you are willing to pay for a click on your ad.


Average CPC: The average cost-per-click (avg. CPC) is calculated by dividing the total spend of your clicks by the total number of clicks.


Spend: The sum of your spending during the selected period.


Daily Budget: It indicates how much you can spend each day. You will pay not more than the daily budget every day. But there is no guarantee that you will reach your daily budget. It depends on how high the daily budget is, how good your CTR is, if your bid is competitive, and if we have enough traffic for you.

 Further down, you’ll see the Ad you created for this campaign with its own information about Clicks, Impressions, and so on. On the far right of the Ad, you have Actions. Here you can pause and activate your Ads. So if you have multiple Ads in your Campaign and want to change the focus on one Ad, you can simply pause the one you don’t want to be active.


If you want to include more Ads in your campaign, click “Add Creator Ad +” at the bottom of the page, under your existing Ads.

The system will open the same small window we used to create our first Ad in the package selection area. From here, the steps are the same. Select the model’s profile; profile data will be loaded automatically into the fields; give your Ad a name and change the loaded data to your liking. After you’re done, click on “Add.” The new Ad will be immediately visible in the list of Ads in your Campaign.


If satisfied with your Campaignsettings and Ads, click “Save Changes” in the bottom right corner. The confirmation message, “Campaign Updated!” will pop up at the top of the window after you save. You can now click on “Campaigns” to get into the overview. Here you can see all your created Campaigns and their stats. You can also pause your Campaigns or edit them by clicking the Campaign name or the pen and paper icon on the right side of the campaign.

Your balance and purchases

An important thing you must remember is that your CreatorTraffic balance is used by your active campaigns only. More specifically, it is used for every click you get. As we mentioned before, you can change the price for a click for each campaign.


The packages are an orientation on how many clicks and days you get for a certain amount, with the standard settings. But you can always customize it.


Remember, you only pay for clicks.

Where does the traffic come from?

CreatorTraffic is well known for working with a strong network of ad pages. These pages ensure results that are listed at the top of the search engines for OnlyFans accounts. Most of the traffic you will get on your ad comes from This OnlyFans search engine allows users to find all the information for each OnlyFans account and helps Content Creators create a digital identity to enable users to find them. CreatorTraffic also works with search engines like,, and

You can look into these pages to see all the OnlyFans models you can find there.

"After signing up, I was requested for more personal data. Why?"

CreatorTraffic needs your details, like your address, to issue invoices. To add your details, please go to “Your Account Profile” on the left side of the upper Menu.

In the section “Your Account Profile” you’ll get to the overview of your details. Now you can fill in the missing info. Fields with a little star* are mandatory so CreatorTraffic can send you your invoice.

After filling in your Info, you can save your data by clicking Save at the bottom of the page. Simply scroll down until you see the save button. You also have the option to cancel, which will remove the details you filled in in this session.

Yes. You can enter your Free Trial Link in the destination URL field when creating an Ad for your Campaign. After selecting a profile for the Ad, the fields are automatically filled in with the profile data. This includes the destination URL field (red box in the screenshot) with the standard profile URL. Replace the URL with your free trial link and click “Add.” Now your Ad links to the free trial.

"Can I create an A/B test to test different images and texts for my ads?"

Yes! Checking which ad image or title works best is an excellent idea. You can easily create multiple ads within the same campaign for the same creator.

These ads rotate evenly. Based on the click-through rate, you can see which ads are best received by users. A higher click-through rate for one ad than the other ads in the campaign means that users prefer to click on the ad more often.

You can create different images, titles, and descriptions in the ads and check which images or ad combinations perform best.

"I am an agency. How can I create more than one Creator Profile?"

The “Creator Profile” area is a collection of all your profiles or the Profiles of your Models. Each profile must be added only once to be used in your Campaigns.
Please do not enter Campaign Links into the creator profiles. Everything you want to use for your Campaign, like special offers via links, will be added in the “Campaigns” area.

Adding Creator Profiles

To add a Models Profile, go to “Creator Profiles” (Nr 1 in the Screenshot) and click on the button “+ Add New Profile” in the upper right corner (Nr 2 in the Screenshot).

You will see a field where you can enter the Account name or the URL.

After entering the Account name or the Profile URL, click “+ Add” on the right side of the field. The profile will be loaded with all information if our System knows the Model.

If our System doesn’t know the Profile, you’ll get the option of creating the profile yourself. A window will appear where you can add the Models Picture and description.

After you have filled in all the info, just click the “Save” button. You can delete the added profile by clicking the trash can Icon next to the profile or/and adding a new one. Click “Save Profiles” (red box in the screenshot) after adding all the accounts you want to use.

You’ll return to the “Creator Profiles” overview and see the added Profiles. You can delete Creator Profiles as long as they weren’t used in any campaigns, like in our screenshot below.

You can now use those Profiles to create campaigns under the “Campaigns” menu.

CreatorTraffic is a search engine for Creators which displays the specific search results a fan is looking for. When a potential fan finds your Creator Traffic profile they are only one click away from becoming your newest OnlyFans subscriber – with no costs for you!

As an agency owner you know that highly targeted traffic is key to your financial success as a company. You are looking for a reliable partner which not only has enough high-quality traffic volume to sell but also runs a strong, reliable, state-of-the-art technology.

CreatorTraffic is one of the most advanced ad-network, ad-tech and search companies.

Our technology runs on high performance servers which are located across Europe and the USA. We process 4+ billion impressions per month in 55+ countries. Our company group has been in the market for more than 20 years and offers one of the strongest and most secure infrastructures available.

Our fully featured, self-serve Real Time Bidding system let’s you set up your campaigns with all relevant/needed settings. You can customize your CPC bids based on. During 2023 we will roll out more and more of the following features. You will be able to customize your CPC bids based on:

  • Country
  • Language
  • Positive (including) Keywords (blonde, black, PPV, …)
  • Negative (excluding) Keywords
  • Niches (Straight, Gay, Trans, …)
  • Website Groups
  • Frequency Caps

Ad Formats

  • Native in-search placements (ads)
  • Display on Profile Sites
  • Display on Blog Sites
  • Display on Diary Sites
  • Placements in email newsletter

Creator Traffic has a proven successful method of driving traffic to content creators regardless of whether you manage 3, 15 or 500+ model accounts, our detailed reporting system and stats shows all relevant KPIs at a glance. We can also send post-back links to your system and handle OnlyFans Free-Trial and campaign links. CreatorTraffic has all you need for your ROI positive campaigns.

KEY FEATURE: CreatorTraffic ads can never be blocked by ad blockers as they are part of the search results. Your ads are guaranteed to be seen and better still, you pay only by clicks, not by view!

We can assist your Agency in the task of daily managing Creator profiles, taking the headache out of promoting and providing large numbers of traffic to your accounts.

Use unique Onlyfans tracking or Onlyfans Free Trial Links to track your campaigns. With CreatorTraffic you can put any needed tracking link to each campaign or even to each individual ad. You have full transparency of all your spendings.

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