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How To Find The OnlyFans Model Release Form

If you’re looking for information about the OnlyFans model release form then you’re in the right place.

Since 2023 OnlyFans has been really cracking down on creators posting content featuring “co-stars”  without verified OnlyFans accounts for those co-stars.

Many OnlyFans creators have recently has a lot of their old content flagged by OnlyFans because AI algorithms detected more that one person is in the content (pics or videos) and the content owner has not tagged verified OnlyFans accounts, or submitted model release forms, for these co-stars.

This can result in OnlyFans blocking that content or withholding your money, so best to read on and understand what you should so as an OnlyFans creator.

What is the OnlyFans Model Release Form?

Anytime you post content on OnlyFans that involves a “co-star” two things are required legally:

  1. You officially have your co-stars consent to post the content
  2. Onlyfans can verify that your co-star is of legal age

To prove that you have a co-star’s consent and that they are legal age OnlyFans gives you two options:

  1. If your co-star has a verified OnlyFans account then simply “tag” the OnlyFans account of your co-star in your content. This will automatically take care of the model release form, you just need to tag and OnlyFans will take care of the rest.This is simple and easy. If you can use this option it’s the most convenient way by far.
  2. The second way if for if your co-star does not have a verified OnlyFans account. Then you’ll need to ask them to get verified (keep reading for the easy way to do this) or manually submit an onlyfans model release form singed by them.

When is an OnlyFans Model Release Form required?

You 100% need a release form for any hint of another person in any piece of content. Even a finger.

You cannot post any content with even a hint of a co-star if that co-star is:

  • Not verified with onlyfans (and tagged in the content)
  • Or if you haven’t manually submitted an model release form to onlyfans.

Even if someones can be heard in the background or if someone else is filming… yeah you have to verify them.

Think about it like this – how does OnlyFans know that your co-star is not a minor if you haven’t verified him or her?

It’s a legal risk for OnlyFans to have content on their website where participants in adult content have not been legally verified.

All creators must be verified on OnlyFans

Your co-star does not have to do anything with their OnlyFans account, they don’t even have to add a profile picture or anything.

Their account just has to be verified by OnlyFans.

Verification is a private process with OnlyFans, your co-star(s) do not have to have ANY public online presence on OnlyFans.

All that will exist on the onlyfans website is some random, anonymous account called “randomName123” with no profile picture.

If you shoot content often with the same c-star then themhaving a verified onlyfans account makes it easy for you as a creator to tag just them in your content, then you don’t have to worry about the model release form.

Again, there is no risk of your co-stars identity being online on OnlyFans, they simply need a  privately verified account so that OnlyFans can verify they:

  1. Are of legal age
  2. Consent to being in your content

What happens if I collaborate without an OnlyFans Model Release Form?  

If OnlyFans flags you for having uploaded content without verified or “model-released” co-stars, they will typically give you 48 hours to get your co-star verified and tagged or for your to upload a singed model release form for them.

You might get an email like this:


You have uploaded content featuring another person to your timeline. The use of third-party content without legal permission is a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. As a result your account may be paused or limited during this verification process.

Please provide this link to the creator featured in your content. […]

Please note that we anticipate your
response within the next 48 hours in order
to keep your posts/account active […]

And if you don’t get either done in the 48 hours they will remove that content from your page.

It seems like OnlyFans could block or restrict your account but this is not typical, usually they just remove the content.

How to get OnlyFans Model Release Form  

You can get the model release form on the OnlyFans website.

Once you’re logged in just click “More” from the main menu and then “Release forms”.

onlyfans model release form

The easiest way is to “Create release form by link”:

onlyfans model release form by linkNext, select the number of signers (e.g. 1 for your partner) and enter his/her performance name or nickname – this name will NOT be visible to your onlyfans subscribers.

OnlyFans will then create a link that you can share with your co-star.

Your co-star can click on the link and follow the instructions for verification.

To get verified by OnlyFans your co-star will be asked to take a photo of his/her ID and a selfie with his/her ID.

Its very simple to complete!

Once your co-star is verified you will be able to tag him/her in any posts that he/she is in.

And if you don’t tag your co-star, don’t worry OnlyFans will be sure to remind you!

When and why should you upload a model form?

If you cannot get your co-star to get a verified onlyfans account even after you explain to them how it 100% private and anonymous then you will need to manually upload a singed model release form for them.

If you have an already existing Release form, upload it here.

Use this option to manually upload a singed release form

This is how the release form looks:

The image should be printed and filled in by hand.

Also, if you can’t fully trust your co-star then it might be better to have them sign a model release form and upload it yourself.

Because if your co-star deletes their verified onlyfans account in the future then OnlyFans is gonna want you to verify your co-star for this content again ,because it’s no longer verified.

But if you had originally uploaded a singed model release form for that content then it would not matter if your co-star deleted their onlyfans account, the content is still “verified” as legal because the release form still exists for OnlyFans.

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