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How do you search OnlyFans? Discover 5 unique & powerful ways

OnlyFans has undoubtedly become a powerhouse in the world of adult content creators and their loyal fanbase. With millions of content creators on the platform, finding your preferred content can sometimes be challenging. 

OnlyFans itself offers a native search feature, but it’s relatively limited, primarily intended for searching accounts you already follow or by exact username. So, what options do you have when you want to explore the diverse world of OnlyFans? 

In this article, we’ll explore the limitations of the native search and dive deep into third-party OnlyFans search engines that can help you discover new content creators and how to optimize your own profile for better discoverability.

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OnlyFans’ native search functionality is intentionally limited, and it serves a specific purpose.

The platform understands that many content creators value their privacy and anonymity. This is especially true given the potential risks of being found by employers, stalkers, or anyone they might not want to share their content with.


onlyfans native search

OnlyFans has got some (very limited) search functionality built into their website.

You can only use this search box to search for accounts you’re already following (not very useful).

Or if you type in a user’s exact username it will work too:

searching by exact username will work on the onlyfans website

The result of this privacy-conscious approach is that the OnlyFans website search is extremely basic and is unlikely to see significant enhancements in the near future. So, what can you do if you want to find specific content creators or explore new niches? The answer lies in third-party OnlyFans search engines.

Third-Party OnlyFans Search Engines

Given the limitations of the native search, several third-party OnlyFans search engines have emerged to fill the gap. These search engines are not affiliated with OnlyFans but can be powerful tools for both content creators and fans looking for new profiles to follow.

These are the biggest 3rd party OnlyFans search engines:

These websites and apps are created by people (not employed by OnlyFans) and allow you to search for and find people on OnlyFans.

If you optimize your profile so that these search engines can index your profile (i.e. make it so people can find you when they search) then you might unlock a bunch of free traffic for your page.



Why Do Third-Party Search Engines Exist?

The existence of third-party search engines is a direct response to the limitations of the native OnlyFans search. Users have diverse needs and preferences, and these search engines cater to those who want to:

  1. Find Creators in Specific Niches: Users can search for content creators in niches they are interested in, whether it’s related to a specific fetish, body type, or interest.

  2. Discover Free Content: Some users want to find free accounts or promotional content before committing to a paid subscription. Search engines allow them to explore profiles that offer free samples.

  3. Find Content Creators by Location: Certain users may have location preferences and want to discover content creators in their area.

This means they want to type things like “free bbw onlyfans” and get returned a list of (free) BBW OnlyFans creators’ profiles.

How OnlyFans Search Engines work

Third-party search engines work by indexing OnlyFans profiles based on the keywords found in the creators’ bios, usernames, and display names. For example, if a creator specializes in German and BBW content and includes these keywords in their bio, the search engines will categorize them accordingly. When users search for “German BBW” or similar terms, the search engine will return profiles that match the search criteria.
Check it out:
searching fansmetrics

You can see how it works clearly in this example:  

searching OnlyFinder

See how it works?

OnlyFans search engines use your bio text, username, and display name to categorize your profile and return it in certain searches.

That’s why it’s important to have your onlyfans bio optimized so that onlyfans search engines can list your profile.

This involves adding relevant keywords, not just in your bio text but also in your username and display name. A well-optimized profile bio can help potential fans find you more easily when searching for specific criteria.

Searching for OnlyFans Profiles

If you know the username of a particular content creator on OnlyFans, you can access their profile directly by going to the URL:

E.g. if the creator username is “Mary”, then just change the link like this:

If you don’t know another creator’s username then obviously you can just check out their socials (Insta/Twitter) etc and look for their OnlyFans (or allmylinks) link in their profile bio.

But how do you search OnlyFans if you don’t know a creator’s username or socials?

That’s where OnlyFans search engines come in.

ModelSearcher, for example, offers an intuitive search feature that allows you to search by the creator’s name, location, or matching keywords found in their profile.

Search by location - FansMetrics example

  1. Go to
  2. Select the location you want to search for:
fansmetrics search by location

FansMetrics search by location

Inside a location, you can further refine the search by price, category, and so on

how to find peope on onlyfans by location

how to find people on onlyfans by location

In addition to the established third-party search engines mentioned earlier, innovative platforms like ModelSearcher are changing the game by introducing new features to simplify the online presence of content creators.

ModelSearcher, for instance, offers a comprehensive solution by consolidating all your links in one convenient place. In your ModelSearcher profile, you can not only add your social media links but also seamlessly integrate links to other adult creator platforms such as LoyalFans and ManyVids.

This integration simplifies the navigation for both content creators and their dedicated fans, making it easier than ever to explore the diverse world of adult content across multiple platforms in one unified location.


OnlyFans is a diverse platform with countless content creators offering an array of content. While the platform’s native search function has its limitations, third-party search engines have stepped in to make the experience more accessible and enjoyable for both creators and fans.

By optimizing your profile and using third-party search engines, you can enhance your discoverability and unlock new opportunities for growth and exploration on OnlyFans. So, whether you’re a content creator or a fan, these third-party tools can help you uncover the secrets of OnlyFans search and unlock a world of possibilities.


OnlyFans restricts its native search to protect content creators’ privacy, making it challenging for unauthorized users to find specific profiles, ensuring the safety of creators.

Third-party search engines, like Fansmetrics and OnlyFinder, are independent platforms that enable users to find specific content creators based on their preferences and interests. They exist to address the limitations of OnlyFans’ native search and cater to users seeking content in specific niches, locations, or at no cost.

These search engines index profiles by scanning keywords found in creators’ bios, usernames, and display names. When users search for specific terms, the search engines return profiles that match those criteria, facilitating efficient content discovery.

Optimizing your OnlyFans bio is crucial for enhancing discoverability. By adding relevant keywords related to your content, username, and display name, you increase your chances of appearing in search results on third-party search engines.

ModelSearcher streamlines the online presence of content creators by allowing them to consolidate all their links in one place. Creators can include not only their social media links but also links to other adult creator platforms, such as LoyalFans and ManyVids, creating a unified and user-friendly hub for their dedicated fans to explore their content effortlessly.


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