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Looking for onlyfans captions ideas?

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This guide will cover: 

What are OnlyFans Captions?

Onlyfans captions are the text content you put along with your post on onlyfans.

You can use captions with multiple different onlyfans post types and for different reasons.

Below is a standard onlyfans post, caption in the red box … here a caption is used simply to attract attention.

Below is a timeline post using a caption to encourage tips.

a standard onlyfans caption

On a free-onlyfans page, you can post locked posts to your timeline.

The caption (as well as the preview screenshot) helps to entice a customer to pay to unlock the post.

When you send a locked video/pics via DM or mass DM then you can also send a caption to help entice the customer to unlock the content

Where can you use captions?

Captions are not limited to just onlyfans.

Captions are also very important for attracting attention and engagement to your:

> Reddit posts
> Instagram posts
> Twitter posts

And other social media posts.

NSFW vs SFW onlyfans captions ideas

On certain social media platforms like Instagram, you have to keep your captions SFW (Safe for Work).

I.e. no sexually explicit language.

But on OnlyFans, Reddit, etc. feel free to use NSFW (Not Safe For Work) captions.

Some of the best onyfans captions ideas

Use these high-performing Reddit captions to come up with your own onlyfans captions idea.:

  • Cute or hot? ☺️
  • Would you j**k o*f to my nudes if I send you some?
  • Am I still hot for a mom?
  • Say hi if you see this while scrolling! I’ll try to say hi back!
  • Say hey if you think i’m pretty without makeup and filters ??
  • Would you let me send you selfie’s while you are at work?
  • I got my booty cheated on:( freshly single! Send good vibes ❤️
  • If you scroll and see this- say hi! I’ll try to say hi back! 
  • Would you invite me over if I was your neighbor?
  • Am I kissable?
  • Hope ____ girls are appreciated here ?
  • Hot for __?
  • Hello to anyone who likes this ?
  • Describe me with one word 😉
  • If you stop and watch this- please let me know ?
  •  a bit nervous about showing my face ?
  • Would you wanna see more of me? 22f
  • Please describe me in one word!
  • Think about only one word to say – be creative
  • Dripping wet in my white tee shirt… can you dry me off? 💦
  • Felt cute the other day ??
  • What do you do first? ?
  • Am I still hot for a mom?
  • Who wants hugs? ???
  • Without makeup 
  • One word to describe my _____?
  • Describe my _____ in two words
  • Say hi if I’m your type?
  • If I texted you this- what would you reply? ??
  • I had bad day 🙁 – tell me im cute pls
  • Honest opinion do you like my ____??
  • Want to watch Netflix and cuddle?

How to find engaging onlyfans captions ideas

Did you know that asking questions in your captions… is exponentially more likely to get engagement??

(btw engagement = likes, comments… and ultimately $$$)

Use the captions tool below to find the best questions to use as captions for your niche.

Follow these steps:

  1. Enter your main niche as a tag
  2. Filter the captions by searching for a question mark “?”
  3. Sort by comments to get the most engaging captions

About onlyfans guide captions generator

The captions generator contains over 20,000 of the best-performing (upvotes and comments) Reddit captions.

Captions are organized by “tags” which are essentially niches.

You can use these captions on Reddit, OnlyFans, Fansly, or any other platform.

How to use the captions generator

Search for captions by using one tag at a time.

You can further refine the resulting captions by using the “Search captions” search box on the right-hand side.

You can sort captions by Reddit upvotes and comments.

Click a caption to copy it to your clipboard.

Use the caption as you see fit – you can use it directly, use it for inspiration or you can change up 1 or more words to make the caption work for you.

OnlyFans captions generator

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